Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vacation is a such a mixed blessing. I am amazed by stay-at-home moms when I just "test drive" for a week. I love my children - but I think I love them better when I have a break - er, work. Yet, I wonder how much of their frustrating behaviors is due to the fact that I am not doing this job in my home on a more full-time basis. How much "help" is daycare vs. my job. I feel my job has a great deal of impact on my self-worth, if I left that...where would my self-worth go? Yet when I come home and try to overcompensate for missing those 40 odd hours, is that damaging to my self-worth - is it a wash? More over is it a disadvantage (or even harmful) for my kids...A curious thing. I'm guessing I'm not alone in my thoughts on this one.

But we are off all together for the week - me and my girls - yet I find myself longing for some alone time to continue knitting on my watermelon self-striping socks, or to just sit in a chair without I just lazy? Is there something wrong with me? I do love that yarn stash, but probably not more than I love my kids - well, not usually anyways.


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