Friday, July 07, 2006

Second sock, in the home stretch. I got hooked on this self-striping watermelon yarn when I was browsing the "Harlot". I showed a co-worker who was then on a mad hunt to find some - bless her heart. She ended up getting the hook up from a woman on eBay who agreed to a custom dye for us and "voila". Oh, and then we got our hands on the dyeing book this pattern originated from and we have big plans to dye our own yarn this fall - I already have the PVC for my own niddy noddy in the garage. Something so simple just snowballs with little encouragement. I digress...

Anyways, it's the simple sock pattern in the child's size from Cat Bordhi's book - my first run at two circulars...though I am torn, I kind of like the extra steps on dpn's - I feel like Laura Ingalls or something, but this has been a new change. That second sock though...always so tedious. The first feels like an accomplishment...a sock! But then I realize - I am only HALF way. I think the yarn is adorable and then as I've knitted along I have thought, wool and watermelon - something doesn't quite work here - so I'm thinking my 6-year old will need some nice clogs to show her socks off this FALL!

So anyways, tedious second sock - with a new pattern already on deck. I would like to get on to the Embossed Leaves sock pattern in the Winter 2005 IK. I think I've got some great yarn enroute for these guys - I'll be sure to post how awesome Yarntini has been once it arrives. (I NEED to figure out how to get in on the next sockapalooza!) Oh and need not forget I also have yarn on the way for the Lotus Blossum Tank (LBT) in the Summer IK - {does everyone tell themselves, "okay THIS will be my lasy yarn purchase until I finish some of the stuff I have"?} I have joined up with my first knit-a-long so I'm itching to participate in that - though the thought of all of the necessary swatching makes my head swim.


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