Sunday, July 09, 2006

I was surfing the net in between my "responsibilities" and was thrilled to see a new Knitty is up - I don't know how is snuck up on me. Though truth be told, I am always a day late and a dollar short trying to join some kind of secret pal-thing, why would a new Knitty be a surprise? But it was - a ridiculously nice one given a long weekend of "bad parenting" - we are hitting some bumps in the road and I think I've been yelling too much - it seems when all else fails revert to how my folks may have dealt with me (oh, yes, I did of course say "I'd never do that" - but there I go embracing what I know DOESN'T work - I've become quite talented at tuning out loud voices). But then, I immediately follow that thought with a distortion "Well, I turned out okay"...didn't I?

My feelings are a little mixed on the patterns, I like some - other aren't my style - but that is what makes the world interesting and different. I'm hoping to check out making Flora from a previous Knitty, I ahve seen some fabulous examples on other blogs to help me start thinking about yarn choices. But then I do also have these two gorgeous skeins of koigu wanting to be the Embossed Leaves pattern - I realize I am blessed if this is my toughest decision today.

In closing, I finished my daughter's watermelon socks - hmmm, the second one's striping got slightly off at the toe. I have of course rationalized - post second sock traumatic disorder, that they are for a 6 year old who will be wearing them with one will SEE the toes. But I will know they are in there, just slightly not right. Will my perfectionistic type A self do anything about it....well the toe is not grafted yet so we'll see.


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