Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I recently ordered some wonderful sock yarn through, it is Neopolitan - I will want to lick my own feet right? Well... the seller says she mailed it on 7-3, but I still haven't gotten it. I just hate this part of buying from individuals on-line - because now what? I feel kind of like I'm left holding the bag here - "well, I sent it, so you're out of luck"? Hmmm. And now I start worrying about every paypal or ebay transaction - there is no recourse really - the sites stress a "hands-off" work-it-out-yourself policy. I have never lost money because thankfully, Paypal does seem to protect you somewhat -but I have a new sadness as this is a knitter to knitter transaction - I expect more from fellow fiberholics. But all is not lost yet, it could show up anytime, but in the meantime I wonder and doubt.


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