Friday, July 14, 2006

I received the most wonderful package today - I got two skeins of yarn from Yarntini - Cherry Coridal and Cosmopolitan, sounds like a great evening already! They were delightfully packaged in bright pink tissue and included the two skeins wrapped individually with a stick of "Knitter's Salve" - what a nice extra treat - as if the most heavenly textured yarn were not enough. I have to say the colors are candy for my eyes. Okay, everyone says this right - but really, it's amazing. I am excited to start some new socks with it. But which one first? And which sock pattern is worthy of such heaven? I just can't decide. I may have to play eeny meeny miney moe!

And to follow up on the yarn mishap from the other day - I did receive my Neopolitan yarn, it is very nice (though thoroughly TRUMPED by Yarntini's goods) - the problem is I was charged for priority mail but it was sent first class - so it took a little bit to get here, and the package was a little beat up as though it may have been lost for awhile. My faith is restored.


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