Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blooming and my daughters went to Olbrich Botanical Gardens today. It is only 30 minutes away but we've never been there before. It was stunning, and I have staked out a new knitting spot. Can you see me knitting there...but that was just the selfish part of our visit - me picking out where I alone will be coming to knit.

My oldest daughter, Lib was like the pied piper - only for butterflies. She had several in her hand at once. It was magical watching her face light up when one would land on her hand - a flicker of pure joy - I felt like a lucky voyeur watching her from afar. Several folks asked her if they could take a picture of her hand where three butterflies had come to rest. She was glad to show the "three-feet-and-under" set her amazing gifties. We only struggled a little with the listening ears today - she is such an independant soul - hard to reign in sometimes. I'm sure it is a double edged sword - while her confidence can be awfully frustrating to me now - it surely will serve her well later.

I think I may suggest a year membership to the gardens for Christmas - that is if I can wait that long - Quilts in Bloom is coming in September! It was a joy and would be well worth it to be blessed with a year of aesthetic wonder. It was refreshing to have something natural provide us so much pleasure - no carnival rides, no toys, no Happy Meals (or unhappy meals as they often are)to stimulate the family, just nature, peace, a meditation blanket to wrap ourselves in. Thank you God!


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