Sunday, July 30, 2006

I got the most fabulous belated birthday gift today! My wonderful friend and I almost never seem to find a mutually sweet moment to hang out - so we try to e-mail and call each other - but almost never get the face time I wish we could - our jobs, families, other obligations. Anyways, we finally did it - a somewhat spontaneous decision to get together - now! Anyways, the gift is truly one of the most thoughtful treats I have ever been bestowed, the presentation was a gift in and of itself - polka dot tissue with a fabulous limey green satin ribbon trailing from it - really I am a ribbons and wrappings whore. First - a fabulous large robin's egg latte mug that is actually a planter - I have already planted a cute little thing. Then some gorgeous earrings from a little local shop - very sparkly which naturally appeal to my raccoon like persona -love sparkly things. Next a cute little photo holder which is shaped like a brightly colored dress, then some delicious citrus brown sugar scrub and vanilla sugar moisturizer and the crowning piece - a gift certificate to my most favorite lys! This chick knows me, I mean really knows me. I mean I know so many status quo gift givers - don't get me wrong, gifts alone are wonderful - but throw a smattering of fancy paper and french ribbon - HELLO! - it is up a serious notch!


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