Monday, July 17, 2006 I love thee, let me count the ways...
1. I simply love how your pattern is created with just two simple rounds - well, one really since every other row is just knit even. It simply flows along.
2. I love how you fit, perfect! And you can kind of "slouch" them - they are so cozy - and will kick ass in a pair of clogs!
3. my craftless co-workers (I know, how sad) freaking loved you - I felt like a SUPERSTAR! They looked longingly as I furiously knit away on lunch - could there be a knitting group in this brood? Okay, Jaywalker, if you can do that I need to create an altar for you.
4. While, Jaywalker, you didn't pick the yarn - but God I love it - the colors are so vibrant - you look hot! And again craftless co-workers seemed hopeful when I described the colorway "Cosmopolitan" - we could knit and drink?! I'm envisioning converts. I saw a few lightbulbs flicker when I explained that "you too could spend 23 bucks for sock yarn and spend 15 hours making your own pair. Can you imagine, you can spend 23 bucks to buy yourself 15 HOURS of enjoyment (this is a bit of hard sell to the Craftless - we'll have to work on that over a cosmopolitan while admiring my socks). But imagine, you can't go to the movies for $23 bucks. The 15 hours of fiber therapy are simply priceless...
5. I did watch Pirates of the Carribean, knit at the bike trail while waiting for my mom, watched Cinderella Man, knit in the car, in bed, at t-ball - Jaywalker you are a multi-tasker.
6. You have given me hope that the second sock syndrome could just be a 24 hour virus, I didn't seem to catch it this time around so far. As a matter of fact I excitedly tried to match my yarn to start my second immediately. Woo Hoo!!
7. You have so many fans, there are so many cool versions out there to peek at, inspiration! You have siblings around the world! Some are a little smarter, but none prettier.
8. Your author's name is Grumperina - enough said!


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