Saturday, July 29, 2006

Anyone else make these Embossed Leaves socks with verigated yarn? I am giving them a whirl with a nice Koigu - which I think reminds me of fall breeze or something therein. I can see the definition of the leaves myself but I am pretty sure anyone else looking would wonder what the hell I had going on with my socks (my patterned couch is not lending any more credibility to my claim that there actually is "leaf" deifinition here). So this pondering leaves me to wonder do we knit strictly for our own pleasure or for occasional recognition? I did feel a twinge of delicious pleasure when another shopper commented on my daughters Katja today. However, in this case I think I'll trudge on because I am enjoying the lace pattern so much and it is flying by - much more interesting than a rib or stockinette, but next time I'll go solid I think. I also like the additional texture and colors in the Koigu. I hate to frog what I do have - it's the "starting of a sock" that gives me angst...I'm too far now, right?


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