Monday, August 07, 2006

I opted to use the Opal Gems for the Embossed Leaves sock - the sport weight is a bit thicker and while it is not as luxurious as my Koigu I can see the leaves forming which was my ultimate goal here. I decided I could not possibly need more green sock yarn - so I took the Wildfoote back with the initial thought of exchanging it for the same of another color. Then I decided I did not like 3rd grade purple or brown-red any better but THEN...I saw this Trekking. I seem to be drawn to the same colorways, see the sage-y green in there? (well, and of course pink, I LOVE pink!!)Anyhow I have been reading other people raving about this Trekking and I saw an opportunity and took it! So where does this go into my sock line up? I'm thinking another pair of Jaywalkers could be on deck...we'll see.


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