Friday, September 01, 2006

Great minds think alike..or at least I like to pretend I have a great mind

Yesterday I was reading the Yarn Harlot's entry. She was writing about yarn that I had just plucked from my own mailbox! I got some "Vineyard" from All Things Heather - wow, what a "warm fuzzy" to be lusting the same yarn as my idol in the yarnworld! I really had to have this yarn because I love, love the colors - lilac and limey of any shade are about my favorites - I just thought that is was a wonderful coincidence! Beyond stalking the Harlot, I need to actually go on a yarn moratorium - at least a sock yarn hiatus - I have too much yarn with no plans. I just love surrounding myself with this gorgeous fiber - but really, I need to come to my senses.

I also got a second lovely surprise yesterday - a wonderful non-knitting friend bought me the Stitch and Bitch Calendar - how delicious to be surprised with something I hadn't even seen. I am usually aware of a lot of new goodies and gadgets from mindless surfing and magazines - so to get something that hadn't even been on my radar - what a treat! I did sneak a few peeks at it last night -
I mean, wait until January? Insanity.


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