Thursday, August 24, 2006

It was a good mail day!

Check it out - I received the "Lucy" colorway from Blue Moon - based on Wendy Knits' cat Lucy. It's even more gorgeous in person, I can't wait to knit with it. I have so much sock yarn right now - what to do?

And speaking of felines, another chore for the to do list must be a picture of my cat - it seems unnatural to not have the silly oaf posted. I'll work on that - maybe Eye Candy Friday - because he truly is a pleasure to come home to and we often share an evening snuggle. Man, cats ROCK! (Well, most cats, I must confess that I do have a slightly deranged old Tom that hides in the basement 99% of the time, the other percent he is meowing incessantly for nothing.)

I also got Denyse Schmidt's quilt book. Wow, I have been away from quilting for awhile, I used to sew very regularly and was the youngest person in the quilt guild...then I had children and retired my sewing machine - forced retirment we'll call it. Anyways, I was creating log cabins and nine patches last I checked and now - well, her quilts simply leave me breathless - so modern yet homey - kind of like Target (per Yarntini)! I really like the simplicity here, that needs to be the mantra for working moms, hell, working people of all kinds, and by God stay at home moms for that matter, how do they do it? Repeat after me (inhale) *keep in simple.* (exhale) blog yoga...

Now I am still waiting impatiently for Amy Butler's book In Stitches to arrive, to put yet another project in the queue. I feel though like these books are pure inspiration, like picture books for a child - I love to fondle the pages and imagine - sometimes that's all I feel I have time for and you know, I'll take it!


Blogger Wendy said...

Isn't the STR "Lucy" yarn gorgeous? I love it!

5:27 AM  

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