Sunday, August 13, 2006

SGS seeks SGS - warm and wooly, like to hang out and show off my leaves, unwoven in ends okay...finished socks - the variegated and now the Opal Gems in the Embossed Leaves pattern. Pros of the variegated is again, the feel, very soft - the Opals are a little thicker than the pattern calls for but I don't typically wear socks unless it is chilly out, so justified. (for now) It is interesting to see the difference fingering vs. sport makes in the size - the Koigu one just eeks on my foot while the Opal leaves room for a little shrinkage, good to know for future reference. I'd like to do Sockapalooza sometime but I am afraid I wouldn't be able to size a sock to someone's else's foot - unless it were an awful close match to my own.
My goal is to get another green one on the sticks tonight - a mish mash of Brittany and Lantern Moons ebony in #2 to account for the broken soldiers - so I can keep on this project and get the pair done - I find it annoying to have a single sock laying around - taunting me. Or I was thinking I could start a simple something like Flora just for distraction and to throw it in my advanced planning pile. A break before the potentially dreaded "second sock".
I have also been feeling a bit drawn to my sewing room to work on some cute dolls from wee wonderfuls or the tiered skirted found at the Kuky Ideas blog. There are so many vibrant amazing little projects out there. I've also been feeling a little inspired to make a "recycled" pincushion for the Pincusion Challenge found here. As many other crafster-working moms...if only there were more productive hours in the day, or if I could survive on 2 minutes of sleep...


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