Saturday, August 12, 2006

In search of double pointed needles...I am such a tight knitter - I break every kind of dpn I get my hands on. I have tried Crystal Palace, Brittany, even ebony Lantern Moon - paid over $20 bucks for those and tonight, *snap* - what is a sock-a-holic to do? I really like natural materials, the warmth they emanate - but maybe I need to go to cold, hard steel, or would I just bend those too? I even use #2 where the pattern calls for a #1 because my gauge is so snug - great for long wearing socks - just not for those fragile needles apparently. I have "Googled" many searches for "that" needle with no avail, no clear winners out there in my mind. I guess the Brittany's lasted the longest, so maybe they are my best chance, the ebony one lasted um, one day...I am little annoyed, I need to check into this "magic loop" thing I've seen little teasers about - take the dpn out of the equation? I have made a pair of simple socks with Cat Borhdi's method with two circulars, but I really like the salt of the earth dpn method. Damn. To the drawing board.


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