Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just the project I needed

Ah, I finished Flora - in record time - what a simple project that is so nice and portable. As portable as socks without 5 needles to wrestle with in the car! I chose three yarns that may have been too similar - a Mod-ea chenille fuzzy thing, some Chewy Spaghetti handpainted Cherry Cordial fingering weight and a thin sparkly red thing. I loved the look and then got to the flower - you can barely see it kind of fades into the rest of the scarf, which is too bad considering all of those twisted up stitches - but I like it anyhow. It is a little itchy - another bit of "failure to think ahead" - however I am thinking with my wool peacoat this winter I should willing to itch a little for fashion. I was able to catch a shot with a special highlight from Friday's post - I am thinking I need to hide in my kitchen with another Cosmo tonight...I even turned down a Culver's Sundae (egads!), "um, no honey, I am thinking of something a little more *hiccup*..."

Next on the sticks - a Noni Carpet bag in the middle size.
I have jet and black Cascade 200 - I had considered grey and pink but then...I reconsidered - I want this to be "practical" and the big honkin' flower can satisfy my pink fix, and I think it is removeable - so I can funk-i-fy when it suits me. I think I may be on an official sock hiatus


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