Friday, August 25, 2006

Tilted head, look of utter confusion...

Have you ever tried to explain blogging to a non-blogger? Especially why you blog about knitting? I have tried to explain this phenomenon to a couple of trusted friends and still I get the weirdest looks - which makes me back pedal with embarrassment - like I've told a super secret I wasn't supposed to share as I lamely try to cover up the faux pas. The impression I get is that they look at me like:
#1 I am from another planet
#2 I am a complete and utter nerd
#3 They nod and patronize, "Oh sure Stacey, that!"

I have yet to meet a person face to face who says "Hey, I'd like to be doing that!" What are these people missing? Meanwhile I skulk away and wonder if I should keep my imaginary world of knitting friends to myself...and then I think "Good Grief people! This is the millenium!" Meanwhile, where are you bloggers...why haven't I happened upon one of you in the flesh somewhere? Are many of us newbie bloggers hiding in the closet with our wool? Are we all in secret, intimidated by the reactions to our "hey, I blog" disclosures? I decided today that I think I will keep my blogging to myself until perhaps I find a kindred spirit whose admission of the blog will be met with my delight! Hurray, we can huddle and talk about the people that just don't get it - shake our heads, paralyzed by utter confusion.


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