Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Getting "Felt Up"!

I finished my Noni medium size carpet bag, just wrapped up the flower tonight while watching Rock Star...yes, I have fallen victim to a hideous reality show...with Tommy Lee on it - egads! My dd was eager to model my bag sans felting, a nice hat perhaps, a laundry sack, a bunting...

It has felted up nicely - I am always so impatient to toss those huge pre-felty things into the wash. It does not cease to amaze me how these guys shrink up so nice and become a stand up (literally) product. I used 2 strands of Cascade 200 throughout as the pattern suggested - I do think I am a more avid fan of Brown Sheep though because I can use one strand and it is still very firm. However the flower - I think I made it too darn big. I followed the pattern for the largest Camelia flower and it could have come out a bit more "dainty". Maybe the Brown Sheep could have made this particular flower more firm to keep it from flopping over or curling up once it is fastened to the bag. As another option I have the unfurling rose pattern, perhaps it would be more any case, I think the purse itself rocks and I will sort out the flower once it is absolutley finished - until then my next task - to locate the perfect lining.

It was good to dip back into felting in between socks - I have the Fiber Trends felted clogs in queue as a holiday hopeful. Maybe I'll just have to make a test pair and schlep around in them - man, nothing like snuggly slippers to kick off some crispy fall weather. Bring it on! (I hate to wish away summer, but felted clogs can do that to a girl!)


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