Saturday, September 02, 2006

Plain Jane brings immediate gratification

Ah, a plain old knit in the round baby hat...knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton in q creamy color - what a pleasure the yarn is to touch but I always find cotton a bit of a struggle since it has um, no give. But I made the hat up quickly today in the car, at the dinner table, in front of the TV (mommy the knitting addict, yikes!). My plan is to try to make some simple hats to give to my local hospital for the newborns. We received a knit hat for each of our girls - I'm not sure who made them but I know that I still treasure them and I want to be part of that. I had ulterior motives as well - I wanted to do something today, no WIP but finished product...TODAY. However, the hat is too big. Man, infants noggins are tiny. It was still a joy to be a bit mindless, and now I know to go smaller - AND I have a gift for the closet. Come on friends, have babies.

Tutti Pickles gave the new-to-us park a thumbs up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your BLOG!
This thing rocks Stacey.
Today is our first day without cigarettes... Yes, it has been a rather interesting day. I've snacked on far too much crap-but Joe and I did walk to Walgreens and back for some exercise!

Now off to the Kane house for a grilling spec-tac-ular!
We'll see.
-Kid Sister

5:26 PM  

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