Monday, September 04, 2006

Frustrating dead-end meets a new project

I am so close to finishing my Noni Carpet bag - I bought a bright turquoise silk brocade for the lining, I have it interfaced and constructed...ah, but the handles. I bought the suggested handles, but they are not proportionate to my bag. I felted it to a size I like so the project is grounded until the proper handles arrive. In the meantime I am thinking about sewing a make-up bag to match or something. Or I could make a turquoise flower since the pink one that I felted with the bag turned out hideously!

So back to the drawing board, I started a toe-up sock from Wendy Knits with my hand dyed skein from last weekend. I was running into trouble with the double wrapped stitches in the toe and heel - so I e-mailed Wendy herself for some advice. She got back to me so quickly with a link to the exact entry on her blog that would help me - duh, I was wrestling with my dpn's for nothing! Thank you!! So I have turned the heel on my first one
- I think I could appreciate toe-up for sure - especially in situations like my current - where I don't know if I'll have enough for the socks... I have also decided to use her fan and feather pattern for the leg for a little variety - so we'll see how many feathers and how many fans I can eek out of this yarn supply - since it can't be repeated *sigh*

I also got a great pair of shoes this weekend - they don't particularly go with anything but I could not resist silver, sequins and satin ribbon. Shiny, sparkly - what more could a girl want?


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