Sunday, July 29, 2007

Contador est numéro un!


The Tour De France wrapped up today - Alberto Contador, a rider for the Discovery Channel team won - on a Trek bike! My dh works for Trek - so this could be construed as a shameless plug. Obviously this is great news for Trek - yay!

This all leads into knitting. I started doing the Tour De France KAL working on my mystery stole, I claimed a polka dot jersey as it was proving to be a mountain of a project. Then this pesky back thing kind of took me off my bike - I found it impossible to sidle up to my kitchen counter to follow along on the lace chart - so I abandoned the stole, temporarily I have opted for the smooth and steady Roza sock - so unofficially this became my TDF KAL project and in my own mind allowed me to continue to don the polka dots since any knitting on my back was a challenge - I was working away on it when Contador crossed the finish - at least on the Tivo version my husband has played and replayed. He is a bike junkie. And being a Trek employee he has access to the most cool things - throughout the tour he would run up to the TV and point out various decals he had a hand in designing **I stand corrected - he was NOT pointing out decals but graphics and the design of the bike - pretty neat, now if only we could be there in person for the true effect...another time. He was also able to bring a Lime bike home one weekend for everyone to test drive - I would totally recommend it for the Sunday driver, it shifts on it's own, no thinking, just cruising people! There are even nifty "peelz" created to allow you to truly personalize your bike - it goes from a Lime to a Blue or a Pink. How cool is that? I really should stop plugging Trek, the company and the bikes speak for themselves - I am so envious of my husband's job - they encourage biking any time of day - crazy cool. Okay, but this really was about knitting...

Roza is coming along - only two more inches of semi-mindless leg before I can turn the fun little Eye of the Partridge heel - it's just so clever - try it. So I could...should? have a second Roza before next weekend. I'm planning to try to go back to work tomorrow - the back is progressively getting better, I have to do odd little acrobatics to get off the couch - I just need to put my back first for now and not doing anything stupid - as I am well known for "stupid" and overly ambitious feats of lifting and carrying. Afterall, I believe this all technically started two years ago with a 40 lb bag of dogfood on my shoulder while pregnant, not to mention squeezing a 5 year-old's hand while crossing an icy parking lot at that for stupid? Now I can merely get off of the couch wrong and end up in a paralyzed heap - but I can't really say I didn't ask for it... Thou shalt be less stubborn. Thou shalt be less independant. Thou shalt be still on ice and knit socks whenever possible.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a trek!
but i have not ridden it in...8 yrs. you can only fir so many kids on the back of a bike :-)

6:16 PM  
Blogger Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi! I'm just cruising over via the TdF KAL, and had to say that I love the Roza socks - I kind of thought meh' when I saw them in the mag, but your red pair are gorgeous!!
I hope that your back is all better now, and that all your hugs come pain-free :)

10:32 PM  

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