Monday, April 08, 2013

One week of Whole30 down, and a finished sweater!

finished nanook
Nanook in Plucky Primo Worsted - Peep Toes

I finished my Nanook, blocking it up, over the weekend. My husband was impressed - I personally love the collar, but it feels a little wonky between the floppy collar and raglan sleeves. I am still deciding if it needs a button to close or what - but overall it is done. I got the yarn for my 40th birthday from my knitting penpal, Christine - and it only took me, oh, 9 months to knit. Yet, I am not deterred, I have ordered yarn for a Shellseeker up next. I am knitting a little baby hat in the round to check my gauge. I almost forgot how awesome little instant gratification projects are. I have no babies in my life currently, but it is fun to knit a simple little stockinette hat. Nice. And good TV knitting.

In other news - I have finished the 8th day of my Whole30 challenge. Wow, it's been really different eating for me - no bread or dairy - makes me feel confused about what to eat. I am calling today "hollow leg" day, the first day I did not feel satisfied, and I wanted to poke around for food all day. I did slip and ate a couple of small chocolate eggs, and was rewarded with a big headache - so for the sake of staying on the wagon, I am telling myself the eggs totally caused the headache. Overall, it's been fun researching food and making new things. I made home made mayonaise and chocolate chili this week, which is surprisingly good for breakfast. And seriously, have you tried kale chips? If you haven't - you should - they are awesome, and my kids, who typically hate all things green, love them too - score!

In addition to the food piece of the program, I tried hot yoga for the first time and it was a. maze. ing. Except that I am a little thick and didn't realize it would be "hot" yoga and wore long sleeves - hello, lesson learned! This program has really helped me get my foot in the door to a new yoga studio, for which I am grateful.

Lastly, I saw On the Road yesterday at an indie theater and while it was crazy and manic (um, kind of like this post), I think I enjoyed it. My friend and I both walked out saying we didn't hate it, we didn't want our two hours back but we weren't sure what happened in there. I did a little research on the net today and I think I'll read the book next - I mean Kerouac is kind of a classic, right?


Blogger Hilary said...

Ooh, pretty sweater! I want to see modeled pics!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Nanook is gorgeous! It looks very cozy.

I'm curious about On the Road -- I enjoyed the book very much when I was a teenager, but I'm not sure how I will feel about it now.

6:46 PM  

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