Sunday, September 02, 2012

on being a good sport...

Go cubs go!

Hurray - my husband and I enjoyed a weekday off together to travel to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. My love of the Cubs is genetic...I was born into a Cubbie-loving family - my dad would listen to Harry Carey (Holy Cow!) on the radio while tuning into a fuzzy game on WGN on our old console TV. I had Cubs shirts as a kid and named all of my elementary school kickball teams The Cubs. I even wrote a letter to the ball club when I was 11, professing my undeterred love for the team, and they sent me a signed baseball. Imagine the thrill of getting that big envelope with the Cubs insignia, clearly bulging with a ball. I still have that ball nestled in my underwear drawer to this day - it's faded, but it just reeks of childhood for me. So, I was pretty stinking excited to go to the game - the cherry on top for my husband was that they played the Brewers - which I am ashamed to admit are his favorite. We each had our teams' shirts on, knowing it was going to be a long train ride home for one of us. Well, the Cubs knew I was coming - they had lost the first 3 games of the series (not to mention the sweep by the Brewers last week in Milwaukee) - but they pulled it off - the Cubs came back from 9-3 to win in the bottom. of. the. 9th. Bedlam at Wrigley. My husband and I don't fault each other for being loyal - so it was an amicable trip home - we enjoyed Chicago pizza and I made a grand effort at not being smug. All in all, a very good day. (Except for the terrible little bastard rottenest little boy ever that was my neighbor throughout the game. I wanted to cry because this little this jerk was behaving so badly, so I was glad to feel that perhaps he was my cross to bear for the win in the end.)

go Bucky!
I saw this on the way home from church and had to share it. Bucky Badger from round hay bales. This little hobby farm (Busy Barns) makes my day every time they come up with some new type of critter to display. Badger football started yesterday - so it was quite a big day in Wisconsin. Badgers and beer - booyah!

Since I claim to have a knitting blog::
rayures bandwagon...
I have jumped on the Rayures bandwagon. I have a number of things to finish - but somehow, I needed to start this. The Plucky board on ravelry is just lit up with people working on this and comparing notes. (Plucky is having an update tomorrow at 9am EST, just saying) It is a simple knit - a big tube sock really, that will one day be a cowl. It's kind of exciting to plan colors - there will be at least 7 in all. Can't wait - and it will be good vacation knitting, double digits to Disney World for our family. I think I am the most excited.

And one final quandary - this pattern, the Tova by Wiksten. It is all over blogland. I want to make it so badly, even though I think my curvy body may make it look maternity-esque. I have been debating on this for several weeks, maybe months, and THEN, Jeni B of In Color Order offers a class at the Sewcial Lounge, which is local to so feels like a sign.


Blogger amber said...

Love that knit! I want to make one like now!!!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous kate said...

I'm a Cubbies fan too, sort of. I don't really like baseball, but I cheer for the Cubs anyways since they were my Grandpa's favorite team. Much happier to see Bucky - football is my favorite sport!

3:50 PM  

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