Sunday, July 08, 2012

Don't look back...


My Color Affection in The Plucky Knitter Primo - Neapolitan kit. So, so glad this project is in my rearview. It took 6 months. I have decided, as much as I hate purling, I really hate garter - yet I want to cast on for the Nanook - a sweater of garter - why does this happen? Anyways, it will be a lovely scarf come fall but for now- I am throwing it on the pile, wiping my brow and having an adult beverage. Bah, piss off ye old garter. Until I swatch for that damned Nanook. Because, I know, I will. I think it should be my "Ravellenic" project, since it would be epic if I actually finished the thing.

I have been celebrating this garterlicious accomplishment by making up a few quickie Ribband bracelets. They have been fun and quick, and my 7-year old has been a real helper with the bead pattern. I see a Mudra Cuff in my future.

I would also like to get sewing. I have bought some zippers and I mean to make this box bag, the tutorial rocks, and I think I can do it. I love the little silver clip detail. I also have some quilts to make backs for, and quilt, but like garter - gosh, quilt backs are apparently my nemesis.

Other than crafty endeavors, I have continued to read and read. I would recommend Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - wow - twists and turns galore and characters that I can empathize with while still kind of wanting to kick them in the pants.

And because a post deserves more than one picture - check out this "Sweet Tomato Heel" designed by Cat Borhdi - it's pretty clever, there is a youtube link - if you like to make socks but hate a heel flap...


Mama Blue (sadly discontinued) striping sock in Penpal - I really like what this heel does for the striping...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am totally the opposite. Garter stitch + Kate = true love forever. I wouldn't go as far as saying I could knit nothing but garter stitch for the rest of my life, but pretty darn close.

8:06 AM  
Blogger mle said...

Congrats on your color affection! That is a LOT of garter stitch!
And what a cool looking sock heel!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Yay for finishing Color Affection, it's beautiful! After I knit Striped Study...well you can tell why there will be no CA ;) I do love garter, but so much of it can drive you crazy ;) Thanks so much for that boxbag tutorial!! Will be using that soon! Love how the sweet tomato heel worked on your striping yarn, need to frog the current heel and do that one.

1:11 PM  
Blogger MNKnit said...

I'm so glad to find someone else who was so glad to see the end of Color Affection. Mine was also the project that wouldn't end...and even though I swore I wouldn't, here I am, doing something else that's mostly garter stitch. The CA is dumped in a bag and I'll block it when the weather cools off. Don't even want to look at it now...

5:12 PM  

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