Sunday, April 15, 2012

winner winner

This chicken dinner...


It's a simple a Kraft Foods recipe in my newly acquired LeCrueset pan - omg, I am in love with my new pan. I kinda think it inspired me to buy two cookbooks I don't need (Joy the Baker and Flour {I even ate there last sumer!}). It cleans up in a snap and things do taste better in the cast iron - or is it in my head? In any case - this was a relatively simple dinner item - and I struggle terribly to come up with simple stuff to feed my family after a long day at work. Don't you?

At our house, my husband and I nod and say "company" after the first bite to signify the dish is a winner we would feed guests. This was a "company" dish. I think tossing the potatoes and onions in the teeny bit of leftover bacon grease is the ticket. I had done that when I made Ina Garten's Country French Omelet and pretty much fell in love with the flavor. The omelet is also "company dish". And simple too! (win-win)

And because this is a knitting blog - I finished the pair of socks I had written about in my last post, in a record time of 4 days.


I like the garter heels but not really the "wrap & turn" method - I am not very good at it. Maybe I'll practice. But til then, I started a pair of textured thermal socks using some Plucky Knitter Feet sock yarn. The pattern can be found here - it is a basic make a sock recipe - very helpful if you have not tried socks before, it walks you through and allows a little fun pattern without complicating the process too much. And did I mention it is free?

Randomly - I watched Fargo today while I knit - and I loved it. I didn't like it when I saw it when I was 24 - Could enjoying a Cohen Brothers movie be a sign of maturity?? I think you get them or you don't, apparently waiting 16 years to try againwas the ticket.

Lastly, a book I liked - Girl in Translation - very charming read. Stiltsville, I liked a bit less but it filled the hole between books while waiting for The Art of Fielding to show up in my mailbox. So, any good book recommendations?


Blogger Morticcia said...

One of the scenes that stays with me after all these years about Fargo was the scene where the wife is knitting and watching TV. That she could knit and watch TV simultaneously blew my mind. I had always wanted to knit, but seeing that I knew I was meant to knit somehow.

And I just don't understand short row heels. Do they last? They seem so weak.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

Ok, first of all, my stomach is grumbling so loud I'd be surprised if you couldn't hear it. YUM! I agree about the cast iron making things taste better, but that looks like it'd be pretty good no matter what.

Nice socks! The garter stitch heel looks really cool.

And Fargo. Yes. I didn't like it when I was younger, either, but saw it again a couple years ago and immediately declared it one of my top 10 favorites. I feel like the characters are my people (my Swedish family all lived in Minnesota before coming to California) -- if I could get away with responding "Oh, ya' know, pretty good" any time I'm asked a question about myself, I would be SO HAPPY.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Maryse said...

I love your new socks! They look happy! Great color and super nice heel!

8:43 PM  

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