Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've fallen and I can't get up...

Wow - the summer flew by and now in Wisconsin we are having a November thunder storm. It has been so dreary and tired lately. And then daylight savings always seems to slow me down a bit this time of year. Which isn't all bad - to slow down, regroup, take stock. But whoa. Where is the line, when have you loafed too much?

My husband had a wonderful work opportunity which took him to Hawaii last month and I went along. He was very busy much of the trip which left me to really chill. And I can't seem to stop.

knitting on the big island.
On the shore of the Pacific at the Mauna Lani Resort.

Have you ever been here? I don't feel depressed or sad - just not really like doing housework beyond the basics and my knitting has gone on ice since I finished the Bees to Honey Shawl below. I knit sand and sea into it and simply loved every minute. But then I started an Ashburn shawl and suddenly...I am not sure where my mojo has gone.

Bees to Honey shawl
Bees to Honey in Plucky Primo Little Reata and Social Graces

I have so many ideas starting to swirl as Christmas is making it's approach but I am beginning to worry it may just pass me by. To be fair, I have been reading a lot, hanging out a lot with my kids and husband - having some friend hook ups for movies or shopping. - so it is not like nothing - but I am feeling a little bereft wondering if I will want to knit or sew again - or shoot, even paint the walls. We need some sprucing and I am not sure how to get the steam. I guess it is good that I am worried about it. I think I'll go in search of my passion and hope it sparks something - soon!

**Quick update - I read back and see my last post was in May when I made a huge life change, leaving a position I had for 20 years as a probation agent. Which I truly loved, until I didn't. A lot of union drama and feeling lumped in with people who don't do a good job will run a girl's well dry. My new corrections position requires a lot less direct contact with offenders, more public speaking and teaching potential. The job change has been tough as it is too quiet in my new cubicle (tough after a killer office with a big window) but I can sleep at night with far less worries of my offenders getting into some kind of trouble that could be blamed on me. Unfortunately when someone on supervision screws up the witch hunt to make some responsible is scary when you are the type of person who wants to do a good job. Anyways, the new gig is much better for rest - which might be part of the issue too - maybe I am too relaxed now? Who knew?


Blogger Hilary said...

I think the changing seasons (especially when that change is to cold weather) can zap mojo BIG TIME. It's natural to want to hibernate! I also get into ruts like that the moment I stop "moving". Like with knitting, the second I don't have a design on the needles, I just don't feel like doing it I'm constantly working hard on something. You might just pick something up again (something really simple) and see what happens. But it's probably just a's ok to take a break sometimes! And by the way, that shawl is GORGEOUS.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

This shawl is gorgeous! One of my favorite color combinations. Congrats on the new job and hooray for sleeping better again night. Wishing you the happiest of holidays.

6:23 PM  

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