Friday, March 28, 2014

out like a lion...

Whoa, March as flown by in a flash. The job change has evoked feelings of excitement, defeat, accomplishment and exhaustion. Ah, I am back. Funny how something so right can feel wrong some days. But it's good to always to be curious how you can do better, and what might be missing, what could change. Unfortunately you can only change yourself, but it's a start.

I recently read an interesting article about traits of creative people and found it intriguing and it seems to fit in many ways. One being they they lose track of time - and have I ever as I look around at my messy house knowing my family is coming tomorrow to celebrate my oldest's birthday - doh! But you know, it's often how we roll here - we work well under pressure thankfully! (and we even sarted to paint our living room this week - we apparently thrive on chaos - OR I know the added pressure of guests will get my husband moving along - either way - it's a win.)

My second Rayures scarf - made entirely of Plucky Knitter yarn bits...I started it for ravellenics and yet only cast off a little more than a week ago. It seemed like a great idea, I love working with little bits but now I have two. Funny - now I have to find someone to share one with. I once wore a scarf to work with the thought that the first person to compliment me on it would get it - I wasn't in love but thought someone else might be. My officemate about died when I gave it to her. Ever since, I get all sorts of compliments on my knits at work - I secretly think that that they are wondering if lightning may strike again. It's been a fun, unintentional game.

I also wrapped up both of my Through the Loops Mystery Socks. I love the striped toes a lot.

Plucky Knitter in Feather Duster and a random blue grey.

My daughter put on the hand knit sock I had taken off to model these and had to sneak her own foot in the picture. She was dropping big hints about how cozy the sock was, funny this is the same kid who complained about how itchy a pair was that I made her when she was a tot. Good to know that hand knits are appreciated by the littlest to the biggest here.

On the book front - I just wrapped up Motherland. It is the story of a young step-mother to three boys - her husband was a surgeon sent off to work in a Nazi hospital. Typically, I read WW II fiction that is told from the perspective of the holocaust survivor. It was interesting to perhaps realize how much the German people had to endure as their homes were destroyed, food was scarce, every day was about survival. It doesn't forgive what happened but it wasn't about one side vs another but just a story based on the author's grandmother. In the acknowledgments she wrote about how she grappled with the story and how to tell it without seeming overly sympathetic to the Germans, I think she did it well.

Off to clean something - have a wonderful weekend knitters!


Blogger Jodi said...

Gorgeous scarf, and amazingly intricate socks!

I totally get in the zone and enter sort of a trance state when I'm really into what I'm doing -- reading Greek or Latin, editing an article, knitting, reading a good book, etc. It actually gives me kind of a high to get totally lost in a project.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

I love that you gave your scarf to your officemate! I bet she has felt/will feel warm and fuzzy every time she looks at it for the rest of her life. Your Rayures is really beautiful, and I'm sure it will make someone very happy as well! Great socks, too. :)

2:06 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Oh my! Those socks are gorgeous! Well done

3:09 PM  
Blogger diana said...

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