Friday, November 29, 2013

grateful for the little things.

Tis the season to be mindful of what we are grateful for. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's yesterday and I feel like a squandered a moment to list what I was grateful for by "wasting" it on being grateful for health and family. Of course we were all a broken record of grateful for those big ticket items. I felt in retrospect like I could assume those are "given" and focus on the day to day little things that we rarely take time to notice. The little things that really help you get through the day...I was in the habit of listing things daily and have gotten away from it, and truly, it is those little things that knit us back together after a tough day, a lousy week.

I am grateful that my two little nephews piled on my lap for a paraphrased version of Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann again. I love those very rare moments when I can find them alone for this very selfish reason - it feels good to be loved unconditionally by little people - even though I don't see them as often as I should.

I am grateful my kids can be decent citizens without constant reminders. Sure, they could do better, we all could. But overall, they are pretty nice little people. Though truly, my 8-year-old has been trying to donate every book we own to someone lately - it is the thought that counts. My kids seem to understand the importance of giving to people with less, and that is a good thing.


I am thankful for JK Rowling and George Lucas - two people who can get my kids in a room with me to just relax and watch TV. (I am grateful I can almost speak the parts of all the Star Wars movies as it allows me some spare concentration to knit along.)

The Plucky Knitter Bello

I am grateful for Plucky Yarn - it makes me want to keep on knitting.

I am grateful for Pinterest, Instagram and Feedly - 3 time sucks that just allow me to think about being creative even when I am too lazy to actually do anything creative.

I am grateful I could run almost an entire 5k (had to walk for 90 seconds after a hill stole my breath) yesterday even if my calves are killing me today - I am grateful for this excuse to relax. See how even negatives can be positive? I am grateful I have a sense of humor about most things - sarcastic perhaps, but still. Happy Thanksgiving!


Blogger Hilary said...

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I loved reading your list of thankfulness...and it's nice to have a little reminder to be thankful, even the Monday after Thanksgiving is over.

P.S. That Plucky is gorgeous!

10:50 AM  

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