Sunday, April 13, 2014

Socks and a re-set.

Spring has toyed with us this week - I have seen the sun, and now it seems to be hiding again. I can outlast this gray and see the sun, I dare it to elude me much longer...Meanwhile at least I have a clever pile of library holds to keep me occupied til the sun comes back..

On another note, I am doing another Whole30 this April. Last year it was a great opportunity to learn how food relates to fuel, pain, stress and sleep for me. After an unprecedented winter, I have needed a re-set in a very big way. The first week went well but ended with a stressful knot, unknitting my progress. If you follow me on Instagram, you have an idea why things hit the fan. My trigger for stress is food. I admit I threw in the towel and had a mangorita, yuck, during the Badger final four game, and indulged in a couple of homemade cookies. My husband was out of town during the hoopla, which I am sure contributed to the lack of focus. Anyways, I searched from some new recipes and will restart tomorrow. The good news is that tomorrow is always another day. I really encourage anyone else thinking they need a little recharge to try this - It Starts With Food is a great book and provides a solid foundation.

Hermione's Everyday Sock in True Love

I finished a pair of socks last week. Hermione's Everyday Sock. The Socks That Rock is a little thicker than I normally like, but I wore the socks anyways. The colorway, Truelove, is a mood booster fer sure. I immediately cast on a new pair in Ms. Babs Shining City. The pattern is Marooned. I have shamelessly copied Hey Ms. Porkchop, knitting the pattern on the front 32 stitches, while stockinette the back 32. Kind of like a mullet, except party is in the front here. I have one done and have cast on the second, which is typically a good sign of a pattern/ yarn marriage - start the second with no separation, no falling into "second-sock-syndrome. I love it and the mix-up of colors include fuschia, ochre, greys, ballet pink, olive - have inspired some pillow ideas for my living room. We got new couches which have changed up the over-stuffed look to somewhat "law office"...I am hoping some quilted pillows will change the direction to what I am looking for. I am thinking putty with these little color pops - stay tuned.

Marooned - in Shining City


Blogger Hilary said...

Good for you for jumping back in and not beating yourself up for the little slips! For some reason, I always forget the whole "tomorrow is a new day" thing... Can't wait to hear more about your Whole30, and am also excited to hear what you do in terms of pillows! (I'm very interested in home decor these days.)

10:40 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Lovely socks! I think colorful handknit socks are just the remedy for the grey, rainy days we've been experiencing in the Upper Midwest. Looking forward to seeing some pillows. I like furniture partway between overstuffed and sleek -- surprisingly hard to find.

10:27 AM  

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