Saturday, August 30, 2008

sweater lust and sexy vampires

Aw, I was so humbled by the kind comments on my February Ladies Sweater - it was such a fun knit. Between the fun, the relatively decent fit, no seaming and all of your kindness, I think I need to knit another sweater. I may be changing my socktacular ways. Knitting monogamy is for the birds! I feel like my eyes are open to the possibilities of sweaters - though I won't pretend to get excited about seaming just yet...

*enter* Madelinetosh Worsted in Tern

I have a pile of worsted weight awaiting the call to duty. I saw Wendy Bernard's Ingenue in her new book Custom Knits - what do you think? It's like a FLS only no lace or open front - I love top-down no seaming, though it could be even more Jackie O'esque as a cardigan, no? The book is on the way, I had an gift certificate burning a hole...we'll see - so many sweater choices.

Speaking of Amazon - books - sheesh - I have burned through the entire Twilight series this week - I'm on the last half of the last book. It's been rather addictive. So much so that my sister borrowed the first one and then could not stop herself from buying the other 3, its quite ridiculous. We have been texting back and forth all week - unabashedly speculating "will there be some sex?" because we've decided vampires are sexy. Okay, yes, it's about vampires. Yes, it's teenage lit (and we want some sex? the shame. Thankfully for us there was at least inference of some consumating...) Yes, it's going to be a movie - and damn, me and Kasey are going to go out for fondue and see it the second it premeires - I am maximizing my pleasure with this reading adventure for sure.

Once I finish Breaking Dawn - I will be 15 books from my 52 book goal for the year - losing sleep over the Cullen Family has really gotten me a jump on my goal. Now, if I could just figure out how to sleep like this...the kid can sleep anywhere...lucky.


Enjoy a safe Labor Day!


Blogger Kristy said...

That's lovely yarn, and it will make a great sweater! Ingenue looks like a good option. And don't worry if you don't like seaming-- there are so many good seamless options :)

9:12 PM  
Blogger cbknits80 said...

Yay for sparkly vampires!! Totally addictive. And you can totally do more sweaters, I can't see what you come up with, that gray is nice.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

Ingenue would be gorgeous in that yarn.

You kids and your vampire books!!! I'm resisting so far...

9:48 PM  
Blogger Elemmaciltur said...'re so evil. Now I need to go get the Twilight series and read at least the first book before it came out. I've always resisted the temptation when I hear the MuggleCast/PotterCast people talking about it...but you just have to put in the link there, didn't ya? ;-p This is going to spark up my old passion about vampires and witches again (yup, Anne Rice fan here).

4:00 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

Oh, lovely yarn - it will make a beautiful sweater. I resisted the whole Madeline Tosh worsted, but it was hard! I loved the Ginger colorway.
Great progress on your 52 book plunge! You'll make that goal line easily!

5:27 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Ingenue looks very cute!

I haven't succumbed to the teen vampires yet, but I may do so before the semester starts up again.

8:41 AM  
Blogger At Home Mommy Knits said...

I'm looking forward to see how you enjoy Custom Knits, I have it on my wishlist. I just read a write up on that series...might have to pick one up after your recommendation :).

3:12 PM  
Blogger mle said...

Oh I'm jealous that you already have yarn for Ingenue!! that is going to be so gorgeous!

3:17 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

The pic of your daughter is so funny AND she fell asleep reading a "wish" book.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Olive Knitting said...

That Ingenue is awesome! I haven't seen that book - is the whole thing good? Thinking of cold WI winters, I'd keep it as a pullover.

12:53 AM  
Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Yo Woman, I'm doing the Ingenue right now, too! Weirdly I had the called-for yarn in my stash, which never happens. It's a very easy sweater if you're a sweater newbie:)

7:29 AM  
Anonymous krysten said...

i read all four in under a week, hee hee! i became totally involved, despite the poor writing. if there's a vampire story, i'm all over it. also? i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be Alice Cullen for Halloween. :)

9:58 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

that Ingenue is really nice. it caught my eye, too.

that series is addictive. i started the last book 2 nights ago, but am not so excited. the wedding and honeymoon are... yawn.... well, i'm waiting for the real excitement to begin.

good luck with your goal of reading 52 books this year. it's a great goal!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Oh, how I long to be that relaxed! She is so cute.

That yarn! Oh.... Gorgeous!

1:36 PM  
Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

My sixteen year old reluctantly read the books at the request of his girlfriend and now he's told me he really thinks I should read 'em. Maybe I will, if I can ever finish my current's going dreadfully slow. Three Cups of Tea something or other. I've been reading it for what feels like weeks and I don't even know the title!

11:21 AM  

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