Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a finished object, and rambling...

I finished both of my Marooned socks and pulled this pile of fabrics to make the pillows I was dreaming about in my last post for my living room. The couches are dark brown, not overly stuffed but I think they are casual, comfortable. I see some quilt-as-you-go in my very near future. I just need to find my sewing mojo - I am not sure where it has gone. So much I could be doing yet I keep turning back to books and knitting - not to mention keeping up on the HBO series The Game of Thrones - it's back, it's bad - I love it.

I decided when I finished my Marooned pair - I would review my old WIP's as inspired by Bunnies and Bettas - via A Caffeinated Yarn. B & B is hosting a Spring Cleaning KAL, to finish up some lingering works in progress. I picked up the second sock of a pair of Roza's I started last year around this time - I got one done and then came down with the ever predictable second sock syndrome. Well alas, bloggers inspired me yet again - I have a pair - under the buzzer quite literally. It's not the spring cleaning I dream of but it's a start.

Next up should be some true spring cleaning - I have tired old Easter decorations to part with and a storage room of junk that frankly, I don't need or even want. We are done having children, but oh, that crib is so sweet - but why? It's sentimental sure, but I am not going down to hold court with it, to remember baby days... So, I have been reading The Joy of Less - basics on how to declutter and organize - hoping I might learn a tip of two. I just have stuff that has accummlulated over the years that seems like it contributes to my crankiness, I hate tripping over stuff. Between my own crafty bits, my husband's biking equipment and my kids - every art project they have ever made - I am feeling clausterphobic. For example, I can see three pairs of bicycling shoes and a bicycle helmet from my spot ON THE COUCH. The bike finally left this very room yesterday after my nagging. The problem has always been that no one, including me at times, seems to see the value of picking up after themselves - I feel like I have to be a tyrant for anyone to notice, to find a home for bibs and bobs - so I am going to try a more zen approach with the book - we'll see. Wish me good luck!


Blogger Hilary said...

Great socks! True, it's not what the average person would consider spring cleaning, but I TOTALLY get it. Even better than the traditional spring cleaning. I wish I'd taken part in that as well!

Thanks for mentioning The Joy of Less. I've gotten pretty good at throwing stuff out (it all started when my mom started volunteering at a local thrift store. I know where the stuff is going, and how much it helps local charities. So every time I question keeping something, I think, "Will someone else love this more than me? Yes? Ok, into the giveaway pile."), but my husband does NOT see things the same way. :) (Actually, he's just lazy about going through his stuff.) But maybe I'll leave a copy of this on his pillow...

Wow, sorry for the super long comment! But thanks for the great post! :)

12:36 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Hooray, socks! Things got crazy around here (poor Erik came down with bronchitis and an ear infection AGAIN), so I actually still have spring cleaning projects to post. I may keep on with knitting spring cleaning during the month of May.

Clutter. Wow, adding a little one to the mix really added to the clutter quotient around here. I'm good about picking up most of the kid stuff, but our bedroom is a disaster.

1:19 PM  

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