Sunday, September 24, 2006

I need some self-control...

Recent thoughts of a 12-step group for the yarn addicted - ha ha it's funny - but is it too close to home? Good grief I am in love with sock yarn. I think about it way more than is probably natural (minimization). I started to face my, uh... problem yesterday...I was able to pluck some Vesper Yarn yesterday from Knitterly Things and by God I was feeling celebrity. (that's rather pathetic, I know - hence the "problem") I have read about Vesper and people have raved - so I needed it. After all people, it is Socktoberfest (rationalization). So another hypothetical pair of socks is coming through the mail to me - wait a minute Mr. Postman!
On the brighter side of my quandry - Yarntini also had an etsy update yetserday and I watched, I waited but the wallet remained tightly sealed. It was like I was holding my breath - her new Tequila Sunrise is simple stunning - but again, I have some Grape Ape on order from her *squee*- I need help.
I am in a "helping" profession telling people all of the time how they need to stop making excuses and slay their addictions - perhaps it's time I took my own advice? So yarn diet must. begin. NOW! Okay for the first week - damn this will be easy since I have three skeins making there way through the postal super highway - em, yes, I had to join the stinkin' Lime n Violet KAL too - of course I did - all in support of their good work (distortion). Oh, and lest I forget - I also joined the Petals Club starting in December, can you believe the forward thinking here? (yet another distortion) All of this yarn-criminal thinking has got to stop. I hope I can find a sponsor soon as I claw my way to yarn sobriety. I'm going to start counting how many days I can keep my wallet closed and "stay clean"!

Tip of the iceberg people...


Anonymous kathy said...

OOHHHH Stash! How fun! Thank u for the comment on my dpn holder. I love 'em. Now I can start projects and store them on the needles and not be concerned with how the needles seem to "do the tango" while I'm sleeping. (Of course if I finished the projects I would have no need for them.......)

8:17 PM  

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