Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It isn't easy being green...

Two days at a conference combined with too many mixers for a-simple-girl-who-normally-avoids-a-party makes for a very long day. We did have a ridiculously wonderful upgrade to a suite with a fireplace though, and we saw bartenders reminiscent of "Cocktail" tossing bottles around and creating fire.

But seriously, I attended a wonderful seminar this morning on Feng Shui. It was geared towards the office however I was more focused on applying the de-cluttering information to my yarn stash than my "out" box. I scribbled tips up and down the sides of my grocery list and on the back of my conference name tag. The single most significant thing I walked away with is that we all "need to choose to say "no" to some things". For me, I need to acknowledge that I can't consistently scrapbook, knit, sew, read and bead. So I choose knitting. I had another "ah-ha" moment as I listened, another benefit of knitting, similar to yoga practice, is that it has become a community for me. I have appreciated learning about other knitters while sharing a common creative interest. So, strangely, knitting has developed into something so much deeper for me - it's a little odd when I think about it logically, but I feel blessed to have found it. So the conference ran the gamet for me - shallow over indulgence followed by wholeness and empowerment. At least is was in the proper order.

**Avast me hearties - did you Talk Like a Pirate today? The Yarn Harlot would be pleased.


Anonymous sandra said...

I blame you! If I haven't seen your Liesel I wouldn't think of it all days long! So, logical move - will knit that pattern for my ISE pal!
Hope kids are getting better!

4:33 PM  

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