Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rock Chicks Unite!

Again, I admit an affection for 80's hair bands and ridiculous reality shows. I admit Rock Star meets the criteria on both counts! So Dilana, baby you need. to. win. and show up these silly boys! Is anyone else involved in such drivel? I probably wouldn't go see a concert but I can be a closet groupie downloading this heavy metal hair band head banging angry music onto my pretty pink iPod - I will love you in secret!

(Now tomorrow - when I have finished voting on-line for my favorite rock star, I will post about knitting. I have a finished Noni! Okay, well I need to felt a flower - but man, it's totable with a sweet lining!)

**Rock chick update - it would appear I wasted my whole summer having faith that Tommy Lee could make a good business decision - bah.


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