Monday, September 11, 2006

Scarf Exchange is me.

I have had contact with both the person I am knitting for and the person who is knitting for me. It's so exciting! Yet it scares me to knit for a knitter. Does this even make sens? It should be pure pleasure to knit for someone who knits - who can appreciate the effort, the careful choice of pattern and fiber, the heart in the project...then those doubtful feelings sneak in - because knitting for a knitter means knitting for someone who can see my mistakes, who has experienced opinions about likes and dislikes, who can knit for themselves...I know I am being a big baby about this!! But I like to be a perfectionist, and the unknown just messes with that - I know, grow up, get over and find the pleasure in this. I love to give goodies - this should be a real treat - and it will be once I gain confidence in my project/ fiber choice.

I have narrowed it down to Leisel. I am using the Silky Wool for a finer lace pattern as my pal lives in a warmer climate, and while a newbie, I love the focus lace requires. I have also added a seed stitch border to help the scarf block and lay nicely. I have completed 4 repeats so it will be hard to judge for now how the leaves are going to show themselves in this dark yarn. But I have butterflies thinking about it. I am logical, so I struggle with the ridiculousness of my anxiety - but I am also anxious so I cannot believe my logical self. I love circles, so round and round I go...


Anonymous sandra said...

Start breathing, honey! Everything will be OK! After all, we knitter, are very understanding, preaceful people! Scarf is progressing nicelly, coloure is beatiful! And if you wanna hear about preasure - let me tell you I got one of the hostesses to knit scarf for!
Enjoy knitting!

12:45 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

From what I can tell your scarf looks great! I have been knitting for a long time but only just started knitting lace last year and I found it pretty easy to get used to.

BTW, you commented on my Backyard Leaves scarf on the scarf exchange website... When I first looked at the pattern I was *very* intimidated (look how it moves around all over! So many different stitch symbols!) But after the first pattern repeat I found it more and more easy and it really does flow and the knitting tells you in some cases what the next stitch should be. And after all, all stitches are some variation on knit and purl, and you know those, right? :)

That being said it is something like a 29 row repeat - so I have to keep the chart by my side and can't get any serious scarf knitting time in while doing other things (like watching TV). I would say definately give it a try, just use the suggested stitch marker and maybe some post-its to keep track of what row you are on!

6:30 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

Wow - awesome support from my fellow pal - thank you! I'm excited to watch everyone's progress - including my own!!

9:15 PM  

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