Friday, September 22, 2006

It's so lovely, I'll think I might eat it


Pretty, pretty candy. It's HandMaiden Sea Silk, the picture hardly does it justice - but there is a gorgeous shawl in this skein dying to get out. (If I can just stop frogging my ISE scarf - waa.) I'm torn about the pungent smell of silk - is it offensive? is it reminiscent of something icky for me? is that *gulp* worms?? But I will forgive the smell for the drape should be perfect to behold. Anyways, I was reading about it somewhere and it just sounded delightful to knit with, some hand softening properties?? - so in the line-up it goes.

Does anyone just revel in their knitting to-do list? I just love, love seeing projects pile up - okay, a little OCD in me freaks out - but then I take a nice yogic breath and realize..ahhhhh, fiber is my drug of choice. Wouldn't 30 days in a "center for fiber addicts" be like, bliss?? Give me a long drag off some wool, dude. Imagine a group of knitters..."my name is peaknit and I'm a yarnaholic." (step 1) I accept that I must submit to the higher power of yarn. (step 2)...I can imagine a support group emerging here - the Big Book could be by Elizabeth Zimmerman or perhaps the Harlot. Lets drink lots of coffee and talk about hitting rock bottom - like when was it that we started hiding our stash around the house so we could secretly fondle it at any given moment (now it's taking on a deviant quality - there is surely "therapy" for that too.) I can see this really catching on. Sign me up, get me a sponsor!


Blogger Carrie said...

Hee hee, sign me up for a slot in that facility...

I actually dispair in my knitting to-do list. There aren't enough hours in the day, and tough choices must be made.

8:26 PM  

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