Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lime N Violet new podcast friends

Well, keep in mind that they don't actually know that I'm their new friend exactly. I found their podcast through Scout J's Swag, she had been listening and since I loved her Kick Ass Cosmo recipe...well, I thought I would give them a listen. They are a couple of quirky gals but they keep me entertained while I go for a walk with my pretty nano. I found myself nodding as I wandered along my usual route. And to add to the excitement it seems that they could be catching on - Lisa Souza has come up with a sock yarn colorway to commemorate them. AND there is now a knitalong developing to participate in using Lisa's yarn to commemorate Lime n Violet. (good grief, are you following this??) And prizes, there are prizes. Well, as luck would have it I am stupid in love with any shade of purple and green living as neighbors, so I have to do it. (it starts OCtober 13th - FYI)No deadline for myself perhaps, but I can see goofy socks or perhaps this rockin' curly scarf also found on Lisa Souza's website. It just looks funky, and it looks fun. I enjoy being inspired by communities of knitters. So sign me up sisters - I'm ready for another project - in queue? on the needles? In the bottom of my knitting bag? Only time will tell. But as the holidays start closing in, I am putting my blinders on, denial truly might be just a river in Egypt - well, I'm going with that anyways, ah the beauty of denial - "who should I be making felted clogs for? Who should get a scarf?"...well, no one but me of course. *squeeee*


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