Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where is my real baby?

Tutti and I had an adventure planned today - picture day - yes, she is 15 months and this is her 1-year picture. I have been far more of a slacker than I could have imagined with my second daughter, especially in regard to studio pictures. Partly because she is more ornery - my first daughter would literally "freeze" for the camera at this age, Tutti however, she is a tough sell. The sober wee one takes a long time to warm up to weird people with dusters - ultimately I have a great "meltdown" picture in a studio. I positively love my daughters "oppositeness" -but that really wasn't the point of all of this. I think Tutti was switched at birth with my real baby, seriously. I rigged up my Nano in the car so I could take the Lime & Violet podcast on the road today, I was feeling pretty techno savvy, pretty hot, right? Peeeesha, that's when Tutti started fussing and trying to worm out of her carseat. So I stopped the podcast - because I didn't want to miss a second, and Christina Aquilera blasted out of the stereo - here's where I first suspected the switch, Tutti started head banging to this dirty girl. She chose this over *weep* my knitting podcast. Is there no hope?


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