Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Clear the water...Prison Break has jumped the shark...

Is it me? Or is Prison Break getting ridiculously convoluted? Good grief, I just want the Fox River 8...well 6 now technically, to get picked up and thrown in some new Federal Pen - lets see them try ot get out of that one - let's give them a chance to start this season over. The two main characters, Michael and Lincoln have been nice to look at but come on, it's getting a bit silly - I am almost embarrassed for them. It's turning into a bad sit com - where we the audience can totally see what they need to do to get out of the quagmire - but they don't see it. Aaaarg! I'm no writer but in my opinion, where has the genious gone??

As a side note, has anyone kept a body count of how many people have died while Michael has worked to save Lincoln? And really, is Lincoln worth all that??
Body Count: (in no particular order)

Lincoln's ex-wife and her husband
Lance's fake CIA partner
Veronica's fiancee
CIA guy who ended up in the well in Wisconsin
The Lawyer guy and his dad - dirty?
David, kid con
Fibruzzi, mafia con
Correctional Officers in car ccident with Lincoln
Governor Tankretti
Female Witness to information
surely, there is more...

Lest we forget LJ is also in jail for two murders he did not commit and how many others are suffering consequences for assisting these yahoos? Dr. Tankretti and hispanic woman married to Michael...all to save one guy - Lincoln, who let's agree was criminal in spite of the fact that he probably didn't kill the VP's brother - you don't get framed so neatly for murder with no history of criminal behavior, right? Maybe I'm missing the boat - maybe it is my background on the fringes of law enforcement that is making this show progressively hard to swallow - but, I'll tune in next week...well, never said I wasn't a sucker.


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