Monday, December 04, 2006

just say no to holiday "drama" - and say YES to Secret Pal goodies!

How auspicious...I half-heartedly read the story about reducing family drama in my new Redbook last night - I guess I shoulda paid closer attention as a bit of drama nearly horned in on my attempt at true "positivity" this holiday season. I'm absolutely commited to being into this holiday season in a spiritual sense, to bring the kids the happy memories they deserve and to kick my heels up a bit. I won't waste my time going into the drama but really, sometimes isn't appropriate when dealing with family dilemmas to simply throw your hands up and say "I tried" and move on? I believe it is okay not to take responsibility for your families shortcomings, it's okay to stop inviting people that say they'll come but don't show leaving you extra food for an army, it's okay to accept that we. do. not. pick. our. family. I say we should all give ourselves is okay to say "I don't pick you to spend my free time with". Isn't the season about spreading joy among those you love and those who love you back - love you back is the operative phrase here. So dear family member who is stuggling again with this same deja vu - do you hear me? You know who you are - it's okay, I love you and you belong to me too:) Please look in the mirror and repeat "it is okay to accept that I cannot be all things to all people, I'm still a good person". Did you say that?

I totally get obligation to some degree but when things are just one sided, I say enough is enough. Life is short. I will step down from my soap box now - thank you for anyone who might still be reading this rant.

On a slightly more fabulous note - after somewhat successfully averting negativity, I came home and was totally rewarded. Karma, Karma, Karma!! I received an awesome package from my Secret Pal 9 partner! Two skeins of Claudia's Hand-Painted with purples, tans and browns - how delicious. I am a Claudia virgin - and let me say, it's feel sproingy and wonderful!! It is reminiscent of Koigu, lovin' it! She also enclosed a set of short metal Skacel dpn's. I'm so excited to try another kind in my quest for "that set" of dpns. My tension is so tight I often snap my favorite natural materials, I'm stoked to have a new option to test run. Thank you so much SP 9 friend for renewing my spirit today, you're timing could not have been more spot on. Bless you! I can't wait to meet you!!claudia rocks!!!

Also - extra special woo hoo!! to Sandra for the fabuous chocolate - Milka with raisins and hazelnuts rock!


Blogger Carrie said...

Without knowing the specifics, it sounds like the rant is justified...

That is some nice Claudia - and I don't even like variagateds!

10:22 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Honey, it's OK no say STOP! I totally agree! I am saying stop all the time! And I am not gathering my family - my Mom does that! But I am 150% sure one day, thou I am oldest child, I will not cook for and army/family only because I am such lazy peerson! But I adrime your will and efforts to make happy all around you!

WOW yarn! In next swap I will send you even more gorgeous chocolate!

2:29 AM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

You are too cute, and I mean it! Thanks for the support, and I really love your blog. I have Malabrigo sitting on my shelf waiting to knit into a scarf, and that Claudia is beautiful. The other thing I love are your links, they are great.

Drama=exhaustion! Never good.

You're the best, Stacey.

2:22 PM  

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