Saturday, December 02, 2006

Random Acts of Knitter Kindness...

I just love the concept of "pay it forward". It made for a good movie and a whole darn Oprah show this week was about doing something nice for someone who isn't expecting it - of course $1000 from Oprah helped, but you don't really need that kind of money to make someone's day. I try to be mindful, I attempt pay it forward when I can, random acts of kindness give me warm fuzzies to no end....but in the insanity of life sometimes it easy to get caught up in doing for yourself - buying into the rationalization that "well, no one else thinks of me, so I have to". Poor us. So easy to get caught up, especially now in the crazy holiday mode. I shopped today but not before meditating, preparing myself that people will be rude, lines will be long, more people will be rude and parking lots will be hell - oh and more people will be rude. That's a crappy outlook but honestly, I think most of us can easily catch this little bah humbug without a conscious effort to slow down, be mindful and respect your waiting companions. And then, I get a couple of sweet things this week - acts of kindness that have not gone unnoticed. The "pay it forward" for me may be the smile I keep when I am waiting behind someone haggling over a price, or the guy who steals my parking stall - because really, those are small things - because I got yarn baby, check it out.

My week was made considerably brighter by several cyber knitters. First I received this great yarn from Scout J.'s stash. I merely commented on her Fecthing gloves - you know since I am hooked on knitting them and she offered up her leftover yardage...are you kidding?! Weeee! So another pair of Fetchings will be in order as soon as I can muster them.

Then - if you haven't seen Yarntini in person - you must! Check this purple goodness out - it is one of her new semi-solids in the "Port" colorway. It was gratis as part of a secret arrangement - so mind-blowing flattery is an added bonus. I hope to wind it up this weekend. I have high hopes for a lace scarf for moi, once more holiday knitting is put to bed. I am considering the Liesel. I made the pattern for the International Scarf Exchange partner and with my teeny leaf fetish...well, and since purple is my favorite color, this must be for Peaknit - I said it here people, for me. (with you alllll as my witnesses!!)

And just because my nano is so charming in her new skivvies, she deserved acknowledgment.

Lest I forget my finished little baby the mail and on the way to a new mommy-to-be...Shout out to Jenn!! Yay Baby!


Anonymous sandra said...

What a yarn! Lucky you are!
And that rude people motif - AGREE! I can't stant people in normal situation (wait for my next letter - have something to say about it), and not to talk about rush periods in year!

5:37 PM  

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