Saturday, November 11, 2006

A few odd bits

I was listening to public radio this morning The People's Pharmacy - it is the first of a bundle of great shows on Saturday morning...and well, the "People" suggested a couple of interesting ways to assist with a cough - they were specifically talking about children but I gotta think it would work on grow-ups alike. Apparently a study revealed DM cough suppressants are of little assistance - codeine was slightly better - however (this is the best part) the study revealed that 2oz of good dark chococate with 88% cocao is just as successful as codeine at curbing a cough. I can hardly wait for my next nagging cough so I can test this theory. Another remedy they mentioned - put Vicks VapoRub on your feet at bedtime and pull your socks on. Worth a try right? Being a self-proclaimed book whore, I ran off to Amazon off and got their book with more holistic and alternative ideas as well as some good information about over the counter and prescription drugs. I may be snacking on dark chocolate and having cosmopolitans to cure a cold before I know it!

I also learned a little about cars with Click and Clack on Car Talk and Dr. Zorba had an interesting recipe for Tofu Scramber...I have been wanting to try tofu, it's been staring at me from my fridge for awhile - I need to just get the nerve to do something with it. My husband will surely make a face but...there is always pb&j!!

Another unrelated bit, an "ah-ha moment" - putting up outdoor Christmas tree lights may cause spontaneous holiday spirit. It started out with snowman failure with my 6-year-old, I knew that pathetic snow wouldn't pack but you know you can't tell a child anything, they must figure it out. Then the mildness lured me to think about what needs to get done. I lugged the box out, thanking myself for putting them away neatly last year so I could get started (note to self - do this again this year). I put the same tree lights around the same bushes I always do but today it was kind of peaceful. I think I was being more mindful about it, even enlisted my dh - who I usually boot off light duty out of sheer impatience. It felt good to be out in the crispy air thinking about the impending holidays. I'm trying not to freak out about the little things - they'll get done, they always do. I have a good chunk of my shopping already done and am into the knit-mode to crank out some fingerless mitts for the truly special. I enjoy making them - let's call it immediate!gratification! And let's not forget those One Skein quickies - I see some in my future...if I could just figure out who I could make a knit cupcake for - damn they're cute.

And because this blog is kind of about knitting - I think I'll have my second Fetching done for posting tomorrow. (and because ADD really does run in the family, while searching for the link I found a KAL - what a great way to see what yarns people are using...sweet!)


Blogger Gramknits said...

Tofu is wonderful deepfried. Of course it is no longer healthy. You can't have it both ways. Give Bill my sympathies. I did a few tofu months in my past. pb&j isn't all that bad.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Well, radio is great, I told you!
Tofu - Franciska and I adore it! Marinated in shoyu - the best thing to eat!

3:51 PM  

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