Monday, November 06, 2006

What a weekend!!

I had a yarnific weekend - okay that's a little cheesy - but the weekend was full of dee-licious knitting spoils. First I went with a couple of friends to several shops in Illinois - first The Fold in Marengo...for the infamous Socks that Rock - which unfortunately was with the owner in Lake Tahoe at a spinning social, waaaa - so no STR for me, though I did find a skein of richly colored Mountain Colors. But the crown piece was Wool and Company in Geneva. Geneva was a darling and seemingly sophisticated town, it had enough funky little shops to keep me entertained for a whole day - only we didn't have that long. But the shop will be put to the top of my "favorite places" list. I scored some gorgeous and uber-soft Malbrigo that I think could make a fine "My So-Called Scarf", some Blue Sky Alpaca for some fingerless mitts I am trying to figure out and some Koigu for my Hot Socks partner - that is if I can part with it. We also had a nice lunch at a steak house though one of my co-conspirators suggested a place along the way that offered jello-wrestling on the marquis - not this trip!!

After the successful yarn crawl I came home to my Secret Pal 9 goodie box - hurray! I got the new book YarnPlay - Scout J has been pimping it (so it has to be good right?) Well, it is! Beautiful pictures and many funky projects. I need to really sit down and spend some time pouring over it. I also got several candy bars and a truffle from Godiva - decadence - and the cutest little lamb that my 18-month-old wanted so badly I had to hide it - so it didn't make the picture. But many thanks Secret Pal!! (I have already devoured one candy bar...I'm trying so very hard to linger and savor them!! Practice makes perfect...)


Blogger Carrie said...

Life's short - eat chocolate first. :)

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked it :-)


7:44 AM  

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