Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More leaves and some cool pals

My Backyard Leaves scarf is 1/2 done and blocked - I love it enough to do the other half - always a good sign! I'm so pleased with the yarn, it is so soft and snuggly - I need to finish so I can keep both sides of my neck warm! I am thinking this is not going to make it into the holiday gift pile. *giggle*

I have also been enjoying Secret Pal 9 and the Hot Sock Swap. My secret pal from SP9 sent me a message suggesting there could be something from Rhinebeck coming my way! Now I don't think that I completely comprehend Rhinebeck, but the mere thought of it make me squeal - it sounds like some kind of "mecca" for yarn lovers. the yarn addicts. And my sock partner shares a lot of my same interests and in just a couple of short days has already gotten some surprises together, what a treat! I have been really digging this world of cyber knitting - why didn't I start reaching out sooner? So many interesting, friendly and generous people out there - so dissimilar from my usual everyday cross-section of contacts. And to find a niche of equally devoted fiber freaksters - can't put a price on that!

But for now - I need to hang out with my toddler and get some household chores done. Hard to concentrate on reality sometimes when there are so many opportunities abound! But then reality isn't so bad...'s kind of sweet actually...*weee*


Anonymous sandra said...

Glad you passed problems with Backyard leaves! Coloure is great - nice warm for cold winter! And talking about winter - today it was 25°C outside - a spring baby!

Cute daughter!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Wow! Is that a big cat or a small baby? :)

PS Swallowtail pics are up. Such as they are. :)

8:03 PM  
Blogger peaknits said...

Well, he is a seriously big cat - a 20 pounder! My old man, Ernest- gotta love him - especially when he makes out with me before bed. My husband hates that - a little competetion never hurts right? (I know, gross. - to the non-pet lover)

9:06 PM  

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