Monday, October 16, 2006

Stockinette hell...I really get it.

Okay, really, I have always understood what Ms. Lime has meant when she says she is in "stockinette hell" on the French Market Bag. I too have been there - my picture posted for proof of my journey. Round and round, knitting in the round - while it is nice to avoid the purl stitch whenever possible, knitting in the round can be a drag. Especially while knitting these huge felted projects that simply can go on forever in stockinette - but the end result is such a smooth felted fabric - totally worth the tedium. But now I am amidst my own private hell again, except no knitting in the round - we're talking all out knit - purl stockinette nightmare:) - I started the back of the Noro Iro sweater - and while the end results should kick ass - I'm not really sure about the rustic looking fabric so far. And it is knit up on honkin' needles no less. I am used to more petite, girly needles working with socks or lace scarves, I feel like I could play the drums in between rows with these size 11 monsters - or perhaps spear a fish? It is merely the beginning and already...I complain. Well. I am going to pick it up while I watch Desperate Housewives that I have Tivo'd - I guess I need to remind myself of the one positive of stockinette boredom - you barely have to look! Not that I will really have to watch DH too darn carefully to understand the ridiculous quandry they will have created this week - so maybe I could nap while I knit and catch up on my fluff?

But really, I took a day of vacation today - could a vacation day ever be bad? I mean I suppose if one has a surgery planned or cleaning to do...but no I just am off to be off - ha! I am hooking up with my mom later to take her to a few stops for some early holiday shopping under the agreement that we must stop at at least one yarn store. So stockinette hell today is merely a means to an end, right?! Note to self - no more honkin' needles. So I need to suck it up sister - I am not looking at a crabby boss on a Monday - or dealing with grownup criminal crybabies - life is good!


Anonymous sandra said...

Hell or no hell for you, but FMB looks heavenlly good! After I did my first (by hand) felting I had FMB in my mind, but will probably try Sofie Bag from Knitty also!

BTW, I am also in stockinet hell - poncho in round!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous jessie said...

Stockinette Hell role call.... Here! ZephyrStyle Glee, just joined in the round with no end in sight!

The bag looks amazing. I love pink and gray together!

11:35 AM  

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