Saturday, October 14, 2006

Noro, would you like to meet my knitting needles?

I broke down and got yet another "work in progress" to start. I couldn't stand it. I saw a sample of an Noro Iro sweater at my LYS last weekend. Me and another patron took turns petting it and saying, "hmmm" - I thought "this is kind of a practical little sweater, this looks like a quick knit and and didn't it did snow a bit this week?" - rationalization after rationalization. So home I went to find the yarn online - couldn't bear to decide at the shop. Iro is a bit expensive but Webs had it about $4.00 less per skein with free shipping. I hate not to support the local business, but I have to be sensible - well, as sensible as I can manage considering the size of my stash - it's like rising bread. I knead to get a grip right? peshaw!

So I am heading down to my swift to make up some Noro yarncakes to get this next party started. Meanwhile my purty Jaywalkers will languish with my Backyard Leaves scarves in my knitting pile. But I just keep imagining me wearing this sweater to a casual holiday gathering. The body of the sweater is on size 11 needles, so I am thinking, hoping, praying this could be a relatively quick knit and potentially my first grown-up handknit sweater...

But this probably needs to be the end of "me" things before I dig into some holiday project plans. I really am not looking forward to do any stupid shopping, but if I could please a couple of people with a scarf, socks or maybe some felted clogs - that would make my year. This is my end of year resolution - to try to make someone happy with a handknit something something. Meanwhile, I am kind of enjoying making me happy with these little somethings, kind of selfish - a recurring theme - but knitting is all about me! *sqeeee* Well, and this great community of cyberknitters I am meeting! I love you man!

One last thing...pssst...if you are my secret pal out there - I can't wait to hear from you!!:)


Anonymous sandra said...

Noro is great! Who could blame you on yet another startitis! Startitis rules, girl!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

So far I have not had the pleasure to knit with Noro - I'm not a huge fan of the variagated yarns - but I'm interested to see how the sweater comes out! Maybe it will change my mind...

Any progress on Backyard Leaves? I am about 75% completed, and have to finish soon for ISE!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

okay, spill the beans. how in the world did you get webs to give you free shipping? i didn't know they ever did such a thing.

11:02 AM  
Blogger peaknits said...

I think I may have mispoke - I probably did pay shipping at Webs - it's Knitpicks - sorry - "I could have had a V-8" thump!

8:53 PM  

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