Wednesday, October 11, 2006

International Scarf Exchange is put to bed...

Strangley enough I came home to a package yesterday after putting mine for my pal in the mail - karma baby! It is very lofty and warm - totally a winter cuddler for the Wisconsin weather approaching - wouldn't you know - there was some snow flurries today! Was the scarf an omen? It's going to be a great "wrap-around-and-run-through-a-blizzard" kind of gear! Thank you to Knit-On Sunny from Florida for an terrific cold weather buffer! I'll be thinking of Florida plenty as I am trudging through snow drifts on my lunchtime walk - cursing those smart people who live down south - ugh!

My feet are wet - bring on Secret Pal 9!!!


Blogger Jodi said...

Lovely scarf! I have to admit I'm jealous of your snow. I grew up in Minneapolis, then lived in Madison, WI for 6 years before moving to Chicago. The winters have been downright mild here in Chicago. I miss the frozen tundra!

(I'm in the ISE, too)

8:32 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Great! This will keep you warm! And happy! And cozy! Love coloure - seems like matching everything!
P.S. Will write you an e-mail tonight, as soon as darn kids go to sleep!

11:30 AM  

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