Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's Official...Autumn has arrived...

And you can see the real drawback of country living...leaves, lots and lots of leaves. We'll see about working some triceps with a rake, *ugh* if the rain ever stops. I noticed the leaf laden drive when I was coming up from the mailbox - where my new Real Simple was waiting for me! Joy! It's actually a perfect fall day for baking, reading - Real Simple naturally, spiced cider and of course, knitting. I'm making some progress, or at least I am beginning to feel pretty good about my Noro Sweater - she is growing. Back and one side of the cardigan is a rolled up blob for now. I hope to finish the other side and get them blocked I will deserve a medal if I pull that off. I am trying not to worry in advance that this sucker won't fit.

Meanwhile, I am preparing to send a package out Monday to my SP9 pal - a couple of things on her wish list. And a friend of mine and I may be plotting a yarncrawl soon - we saw this incredible ruffle scarf on the ISE 3 blog and must have it. So I found a couple of shops about 100 miles away in Illinois that may have the interesting yarn and pattern - and one of the shops happens to be The Fold where they are alleged to have much Socks that Rock - I swoon for sock yarn. Gosh let me tell me something you don't know...unless you do know me... I like to curse a lot. *my mom and sister are rolling their eyes to the sky, nodding their heads vigorously* I know not attractive on a lady, I mean how do you make something so ignorant sound eloquent? I'm still working on that. I can monitor my cursing in certain company and cringe when other people make "such a social faux pas". However, I work with criminals and I like to swear like a truck driver (sorry to stereotype here), 'specially them 4-letter words - real purty.


Anonymous sandra said...

I saw that ruffled scarf, too - way, way, way too ruffled for me, though I know few people who would like to have it! Anyhow, it is one of those great b-day presents ideas! Good luck with yarn stores!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous jessie said...

I picked up the new Real Simple yesterday... definitely have to make the pumpkin bread asap!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I live about 10 minutes from The Fold and I can attest, they have quite a nice STR display!!

5:04 PM  

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