Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Good grief, is it me? Can anyone believe it is gone, the weekend is nearly gone. Time to get the kids in the tub, homework done, clothes laid for tomorrow - time flies. I did not leave the house one time today - blew off some church things, ouch! Then laid around with my Backyard Leaves scarf - one 1/2 is done and blocking as I type - I love that it is 10% cashmere - like a luxury, I also love that it is red and mostly I love that it is half done...can I bear to put it in the holiday gift pile? Oh, very doubtful.

I also was able to get my first SP9 package put together. I will send it off tomorrow and hopefully it will brighten my pal's week. I also got a match for the "Hot Sock Swap" from the Townsend Yahoo Group. I'm excited with my partners likes and that the sock yarn can come right out of my own stash - what a great way to re-gift something with permission. I mean I love each and every skein but it will be nice to part with something to another worthy home (and make room for another skein?). I did break down, I admit, and purchase a special SP9 colorway with pink, silver and black - so it's not like I have been truly abiding by my yarn diet - as if. (and I think that Yarnpirate might be dying me some Punkin is good...even if weekend is over.)


Blogger Carrie said...

Keep going with Backyard Leaves! It's so nice to finish something! And you get to keep yours (lucky)...

12:12 AM  
Blogger MollyBeees said...

Hey There! I am so glad you dropped by my blog and left a comment! It led me to your great blog! Your socks are fabulous, daughters beautiful and I'm afraid I've fallen hard for Ernest! Keep up the great work! Hopefully we'll run into each other one day!

8:23 AM  

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