Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a new hero!

Her name is Kay - and bless her, she is a masseuse!! When I felt the weight of the world coming I decided it was time to cash in on my birthday gift certificate for a massage - it only took my 5 months, but the timing was perfect. I felt a little drunk after...yikes, I was hoping no deer planned to jump out on my drive home as the reaction time surely would not be up to par. So after another stressful day with a grouchy-ass boss where I could feel my muscles crawling up to my shoulders... this was a perfect finale. Now if I could just get my butt back to some yoga - I'll settle for knitting for now.

Thank you blogging pals for the kind comments - nice to know that everyone feels a little verklempt from time to time. If we could all just say what was on our minds, maybe the the world would be a better place, but then I would probably be out of a job. I don't think living on the streets would suit me though I do like beans straight out of the can in a pinch and fingerless gloves aren't so bad either (particularly if they are as cool as the ones my buddy over at Gramknits got from her secret pal 9 - I'd like to steal them - hear that?? - hide them!)

And a big thank you to Sandra, she has been so sweet and funny AND she has made me a scarf - I'm speechless and so grateful. I can barely wait to flash it around, yup, I know knitters, damn I'm lucky! I am excited about our private exchange of goodies from one continent to another. I will try very hard not to eat the new chocolate I have gotten for you dear blogging friend!

And one more victory - both halves of my Backyard Leaves scarf are blocking- finished just before I started hating it. So the week has a silver lining I would say - funny, cyber hugs really gave me the warm fuzzy I needed! Tomorrow is another day...


Anonymous jessie said...

Thank you so much for the congratulations! I can not wait to see your scarf!!

And Lost... I figure, trust no one (Ben and Juliet especially) and don't get arrested for a traffic violation while you're a castmember on the show!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

A massage!!!!! Oh, how I need that! A massage!!!!!
First, can't wait to see BYL sarf in full glory.
Second - pic of your scarf is on my blog! Hope you like it! I do!

2:07 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Oops! I can't believe I missed the last post! But I'm hoping you're feeling better and glad the massage did its thing. (And BYL, hooray!)

4:46 PM  

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