Thursday, November 09, 2006

This damn ADD does run in the family...I had a knitter but then I lost her

It was close, my 6-year-old bugged me and bugged me, "I want to learn to sew"! Now, I know this little girl, and she is easily distracted by well, Sponge Bob. But finally I gave in and we sat down last night and she KNIT! It was pretty amazing, I was imagining this frustrated kid giving up - but no, she knit several rows before announcing that she wanted to make a sweater. I left her to her imagination, smiling inside - I could have bourne a knitter! Then today she hops in the car after school and announces that when her friend comes over she is going to teach her how to knit...this is developing into something. Then I ask her where her knitting is, well mom, you have to leave the room...cause the truth was the little stinker took it for show and tell today. The responsible part of me thought, "knitting needles at school? My gosh you'll be expelled for bringing weapons!" but then I quickly thought *squee* "she likes it...she really likes it!!!!" Then the ruse is up, just like for our friend Rudolph. She got angry at a few stitches and.was.done. - the kicker was when she said I wanted her to knit - that's great kid. That's really not how it went down - though I am an over acheiver, first-born, I could totally imagine myself pressuring her to knit - but not til she's older...gulp.

Now I've just been invited to come to her knitting club in her room - okay like I was sayin'... A.D.D.!

(I'm having second thoughts on giving her the Knitting Nell book I bought for her for Christmas - would hate to create any undue stress...)

And then just because such drama needs an intermission...I'm off to pet my Yarn Pirate. That sounds dirty...I like it.


Blogger Laura said...

oooh. pretty yarn! i am hoping that one of my boys will end up taking to knitting. there aren't enough knitting men in this world. :)

8:14 AM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Girls! YOu must love them! And they learn how to put blame on someone else in that early ages!

Great yarn! Yummy!!!!

11:09 AM  
Blogger MollyBeees said...

Ooooeee! Come here Pretty Preciousssss! Your little ADD princess will waver back and forth for a while, but she'll come around. I know how easy it is to become distrac....oh look! A magazine I haven't read....

4:19 PM  

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